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Rage Face
27 & 28 NOV

presented in Double Bill with We Owe You a Legacy by Marion Burge

The Yard Theatre
27 & 28 Nov
ADULT £15 / CONC £13

Rage Face is unstitching body bags and peering into queer interconnectedness and internalised self-loathing.

A microphone, a table, a queer. This isn’t a soapbox, it’s a confession. It actually happened.

Reality and fantasy blur in this intimate confessional of a queer psychopath. Rage Face treads the delicate line between humour and horror in a surprising tale of how the marginalised can be demonised and how, in turn, they can demonise themselves

Dramaturg: Bridget Sweeney
Artistic Consultant: Andrew Westle

First developed as part of Live Drafts ‘18

Play Thing_Emergency 2018.jpeg

Play Thing
2018 (FREE)

part of Emergency 2018
presented by Word of Warning, STUN and Z-Arts

Ever wanted to be back in that place where you could play with your toys, letting your imagination run wild? This is your chance.

Except you're not a child and this isn't a toy.

Play Thing puts you in control. The artist and audience relationship is flipped, turning the artist into the passive observer and muse for wherever your imagination may run.

Sometimes the rules and politics of society constrict our creativity, with Play Thing the rules are left at the door. Come and connect, make your masterpiece and create a living version of your imagination.